Trail Ride Rules

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Trail Ride RulesPdf

In order that everyone has an enjoyable and safe trail riding experience the following rules will be adhered to:
1. The Club will not be responsible for loss, or injury.
2.Please arrive at camp well before dark, so we can get you set up in daylight.
3.Upon arrival, contact a trail committee member before parking.
4. Horses should not be left unattended in camp.
5. All horses must be tied properly at camp. No portable or electric corrals. e.g. picket lines or to trailers.
6. Stallions must be stabled in their trailers and away from the main camp.
7. Dogs must be kept on a leash or confined while in camp.
8. Dogs are not permitted on trails.
9. Litter will not be tolerated (in camp or on trail). If you carry it in, carry it out.
10. Leave horse and camp areas clean. (Bring a fork or rake to spread manure in your tie area.)
11. Appointed trail ride leader and drag rider for the day will have the authority governing conduct of the riders. The drag rider must be notified if you stop or leave the ride.
12. If this is your first trail ride experience the trail boss or ride management will be happy to answer any questions you may have.
13. Respect private property. Ride only where permitted and leave all gates as you find them.
14. No more the two riders abreast on public roads (you are entitled to only half of the road) and single file going up and down hills on public roads and on trails.
15. Allow a safe following distance from the horse in front – one horse length between horses. No crowding or bumping the horse in front of you.
16. If your horse is a kicker or if this is your horse’s first trail ride experience, put a red ribbon in its tail to indicate such. Be prepared to discipline your horse if it does kick!
17. Passing trail leader will not be allowed.
18. If you wish to pass the horse in front of you, state, “Trail Please, passing left”, and proceed in a manner that will not upset either horse.
19. No racing or running past other riders!
20. Avoid letting branches snap in the face of the horse or rider following you.
21. On the trail you are responsible for the person behind you. If they are out of sight, ask the group to halt until they catch up.
22. No smoking in woods or on cross country trails and be careful with smokes and matches on the roadside and in camp.
23. No alcoholic beverages on the trail.
24. If riding after hours, a member of the trail committee must be notified and be limited to roads only.

2 thoughts on “Trail Ride Rules”

  1. I notice that one of the rules is “no portable corrals”. Is this for space reasons? We use heavy steel stalls for confinement overnight as we have found over 30 years of trail riding (including 20 years of endurance racing) that it is much safer for the horse than tying overnight. If I host a ride in 2018 for CSC I will allow portable corrals as there are no trees to high tie.

    1. Bob,
      It has been a rule with CSC to not have portable corrals for many years. Club has found that highlining has worked well at the present ride locations. Have you talked to anyone on CSC Trail Committee about hosting a ride for CSC? Please contact President Ron Karr at 519-786-6304

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