Chesley Saddle Club 45th Anniversary Ride 2016

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Journey of CSC 45th Anniversary Ride 2016

Thurs. July 21/16 –Set up day at TBC (Trask Base Camp)

“the 45” picturesIMG-20160721-00063

Everyone in and settled by 6:00pm. Trailer to trailer, electric fence & highlined. Horses are happy & fed! Orientation meeting at 8:00 with 17 present and 4 to join us in the morning at Ionson’s in Chesley. Registration and Sponsor’s product handed out, an explanation of how the loading of TRigs with each participant getting a loading #.  Housekeeping information shared to respect our host property, questions answered and a celebratory shot of St~ Germain to end the night. Quiet camp by 11:00pm.


DAY 1-Fri July22/16 Chesley to Tara Up early 5:30am to feed & groom to be ready for the first 3 TR arriving at 7:00am.  Beautiful morning a bit overcast with comfortable summer breeze. High today 30 degrees.TR’s loaded with pails, banners and first aid bucket. The wagon was loaded with water barrel and delivered yesterday ready to be harnessed to team today. Loaded and on the road before 7:30. Jan’IMG-20160722-00065s team of mules had another plan so they needed a little assistance. Last load arrived at Ionson’s by IMG-20160722-000758:45 and we were en route  by 9:00am led by Ross Trask’s beautiful team of Clydes. There were many people who came out of their homes to wave or cars that stopped to take a picture.

IMG-20160722-00072Les & Larry Bluhm, original CSC members joined us with their perfectly paired team of Percherons.  Our wonderful TR driver Keith Hodgins drove ahead and found a great shady spot for lunch.  Fed, watered and a change out for Burt to his buggy we were off again on our final leg of the day our destination Tara. IMG-20160723-00082

IMG-20160722-00073   IMG-20160722-00079

IMG-20160723-00081DAY 2  Sat July 23/16 Tara to Sauble Another early sunny morning to get organized expecting temp in the low 30 degrees to ride in. We lost 2 horses this morning John Pyatt and Ruthie Uyl. Everyone knows the routine so loading is a breeze. On our way to Sauble by 9:15am with a wonderful welcome from downtown Tara. At Allenford we went on the rail trail but Burt found that his wheels might not take the stone so Bev cut away from group with Burt, Maria, Jan & Ava taking Fieldside Rd to Allenford Rd. We carried on and ironically we all came together at the sametime for IMG_2386lunch at Steven Feige’s gorgeous shady property. Check out the OS Sun Times Mon. July 25/16 front page for great interviews with riders and a couple of great group pictures. The last part of our trek was by Sauble Speedway and Golf & Country to TBC and our 2 great TR drivers Ross & Mike got us there safely. R&R absolutely appreciated tonight by all with stories to share. (Incredible pictures posted by Jesse Stone  & riders on CSC facebook site.)IMG-20160723-00084

13770278_283570535338135_4934943500167787642_nSOUTH BRUCE PENINSULA

IMG-20160724-00089DAY 3 Sun July 24/16 Sauble to Red Bay Alarm ringing by 5:30 again and up to yet another beautiful overcast morning. No trailering this morning so on trail shortly after 8:00am. Ross & Bev led us through their stunning property along the Sauble River which leads to their house in Sauble. Unfortunately John Uyl’s horse came up too lame to continue. Fortunately our great hosts hooked up another truck and trailer so John could take his horse back to TBC. Amazing how things always worked out on this journey….We were on our way again through some great trails to Sauble Falls; traversing on sand, gravel and pavement. We had IMG-20160724-00086IMG-20160724-00087  IMG-20160724-00088

arranged for our TR driver Mike to meet us for lunch in IMG-20160724-00092Oliphant to pick up 3 horses and return them to TBC. Ross and his team led us out the last leg of the journey to Pat & Doug Locke’s farm on Red Bay Rd. This is a picture of us riding between Sky Lake and Mud Lake along Red Bay Rd. 3 TR’s arrive by 2:30pm and we are all home at TBC by 3:30 to pack up for the move to 5 Day Base Camp.






I arrived at 5 Day around 7:00pm setup camp for the last day of our journey.  Exhausted physically & mentally I fell fast asleep as the rain hit my trailer.




13769334_283438095351379_773637492076991753_nDAY 4 Mon July 25/16 5 Day to Red Bay and Return Got to sleep in till 7:00am this morning; feel great! There is a heavy fog hanging as we prepare for Red Bay. At 9:00 four riders head out through #12 trail to Red Bay Rd. Due to the rainy night and the high humidity the flies loved our horses & mules.

13654326_283471982014657_7560939437152684385_nOnce back out in the open the breeze was fantastic and strong enough to push the flies off us. At 12:00 noon we arrived at Locke’s farm for lunch our turn around point. Made great time as we trotted out a couple of times just to break up the ride and the road was perfect for it.  Ross met us for lunch and offered to take our water barrel and cooler back to Base Camp. On our return we were greeted by Burt in his buggy with his grandson, Marilu & Brenda all heading for Berford Lake.

13770357_283549945340194_3385586666226403639_nPat , Mary Lou, Don & Liz were coming back from 2 Canoe and followed us into 5 Day base camp around 3:15pm.

13620096_283565212005334_8975071566577402860_nCSC 45th Anniversary Riders arrive for the 5 Day Ride!!!

A huge THANKS to our Sponsors Ionson’s Saddlery, Herbs for Horses, Bluewater Feeds Ltd & The Horse Habit.


Chesley Saddle Club 45th Anniversary Ride is a four-day ride from Chesley to the 5-Day Ride in Wiarton.We will be setting up the Trask Base Camp (TBC) in Sauble Beach at Ross Trask’s farm Thurs. July 21/16 till Sun. July 24/16. Camp then moves to 5 Day at the completion of Sunday ride. The horses will be transported in a transportation rig/stock trailer (TR) to starting points each day and picked up if needed. If you decide to do all or any one of the four days a commitment deadline by CSC’s May/June rides must be made so you get a Rider Package, 45th Anniversary Ride logo for CSC jacket and TR(s) can be booked.

You must be a member of CSC and have OEF card to participate. Map/terrain/mileage in Rider Package.


Rider Responsibilities
Proper footwear & conditioning of rider & horse
Personal accommodations, food/water
Feed & care of horse(s)
Pack lunch & water in saddlebag daily
Fly sheet/sun protection & fly spray
$20.00 TR space reservation
Pack tack in TR daily
Be on time each day

Day 1 Fri. July22/16 Chesley to Tara 4hrs 4min = 12.6miles
Day 2 Sat. July23/16 Tara to Sauble 4hrs 2min = 12.4 miles
Day 3 Sun. July 24/16 Sauble to Red Bay 4hrs 56 min = 15.3miles
Day 4 Mon. July 25/16 5 Day to Red Bay & return 5hrs 30min = 17.2miles

Please contact Carol Blake if interested. | 519-396-5170 | 519-386-5028 text


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