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CSC 45th Anniversary 2016 Contest

Our wonderful Sponsor IONSON’S SADDLERY is supplying the prizes each month. To play click COMMENT on facebook or REPLY to email with “a question you always wanted to know about CSC’s 45 year history” and guess what this is a picture of……….each week a layer is removed to expose the original picture. Play as often as you want and the best question/correct picture guess is the prize winner and will be selected at the end of the month. If you know the answer to a question please share what you know so we can learn some CSC history.

 red rope halterJune Contest: June 29/16 Congratulation Marilu Murphy you have won a beautiful red halter & lead line.

This is the last month to play before the CSC Anniversary Ride 2016 in July. Trail Committee is also busy for the next 3 rides getting trails ready for 5 Day Wiarton Ride. A huge thank you to Ionson’s Saddlery who is our wonderful CSC 45th Anniversary Sponsor for the 6 month contest supplying all the prizes.

multi coloured halterMay Contest: Congratulations Jesse Stone you have won a beautiful multi-coloured halter & lead line.

May 24/16 8:43pm  Jesse Stone I still think it’s a halter and lead rope. How long has Marg been the head of the food Committee? Well I have been a member of the club and going to the five day over 25 years and I believe Marj Schilbe got me on the food committee as a helper the second year I joined so maybe 20 years.  Marg Drexler


lungelineApril Winner: Congratulations Brenda Douglas you have won a Lunge Line. April 3/16 11:19 Lunge Line Who was the youngest rider on the 5 day ride?  Pat MacRae I believe it was Ruttans. Alissa (and I’m sure I’m misspelling it) was not even 1 year old when they brought her camping with the other 2 kids.  An add on to April Contest included a face shot of your horses “Eyes”. The most captivating picture was Waibel in April Eyes.


March31March Winner: Congratulations John Pyatt you have won the rope halter & lead line. March 22 7:19am John Pyatt Thanks Pat. So how did we come to use the Crowe farm as a base? I think it is a rope halter lead line combo.

Marg Zinger-Drexler Ok I know a couple of the answers. One of the early members from the Sarnia area use to ride up in the area and became friends with Don Crow. What the heck was his name O’Brian was his last name Gladys Hodgins His name was Bill O

saddle coverFebruary Winner: Congratulations Marg Zinger-Drexler you have won a saddle cover. Question(s) of the month:Who was the first president?  The first CSC President was Maurice Scott; more affectionately known as “Scotty”. Scotty was a very enthusiastic horseman and had the ability of imparting this enthusiasm to other club members. Scotty loved a parade and grasped every opportunity to get his club together and participate in all local parades, sometimes creating his own just to show off his riders. He was very proud of the club and the riding ability displayed by local people.

Feb 1/2016 7:27am Marg Zinger-Drexler   My question is who was the first president of the Chesley Saddle Club?     Sam Huttelin-not sure on this one.

What was the pet name for the meeting place of the club and whose property was it? It was Sam Huttelin’s shed and they called it “City Hall”

Feb14/16 7:32 Marg Zinger-Drexler How were the members of the first ride fed? They had a chuck wagon move with them that the riders were fed out of.

Feb28 1:37pm Marg Zinger-Drexler On one of the five day trails we used to send a couple of riders ahead of the rest of the trail riders for what reason? Trail- Dump Ride- check for bears before the riders went thru.

collagejan31January Winner: January 24/2016 4:06pm Kenn’Ginny Steckle Now I finally see it, that would be 5 of our CSC Ride Ontario logo’s arranged nicely with one in each corner and one in the centre on top! Congratulations Ginny & Ken Steckle you have won a raincoat for your saddle. saddlecoverclear