July 28 CSC Meeting Minutes

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ATTENDANCE :  The attendance sheet was passed around and the pen ran out of ink so the sheet was not completed.  There where approximately 75 attending the meeting.
 John Pyatt reported that as of June 30, 2016
45 Anniversary Ride   $820.00
Interest Earned               20.58
Memberships           $1,190.00
Wiarton Ride – registrations $5,610.00
TOTAL INFOW – $7,640.58
Advertising & Promotion                     $628.24
Bank Charges                                              5.00
Bereavement                                               2.40
Donations                                                200.00
Insurance                                                 378.00
Postage mailing service                             28.82
Sanitation                                                 418.10
Sponsorship                                              200.00
Wiarton Ride Expenses-Caterer               875.00
Landowner Gifts                                     –  66.65
TOTAL OUTFLOW   – $2,668.91
TOTAL OVERALL TOTAL IS $4,971.68  remaining –   more expenses to come
Don Ruttan made a motion to accept the treasurers report second by John Cicero
 A thank you came from Merlene & Bob Bergman for the donation from the Chesley Saddle Club that helped them with repairs due to a tornado damage to their barn and arena.
A big thank you went out to Mary Janet Mustard for picking up the meals for us.  THANK YOU
 Jeff Dibble reported that the trail committee had three work weekends and to clear trails and one work weekend at the hunt camp to explore more trails. Everything went smooth with lots of fun.  Jeff thanked Emily Uyl for a great job on entertainment.  This was our first year to try a night ride with a controlled lopping.  It went really well.
 Randy Wright commented on the Saugeen Bluffs :  There where two work weekends, grand opening, cancer ride, helped a colic horse – thank you Chesley for your help. Don Ruttan and Liz Rowe helped put out a fire at the Saugeen Bluffs.   Randy Wright has also offered the trail committee to help with the trails at Saugeen Bluffs for the 5 years spring and fall.   John Pyatt made a motion for the trail committee to help the Saugeen Bluffs trails for the next 5 years.  All in favor. Passed
Randy Wright brought up about insurance.  OEF gives 25% to riders and 75% to jumpers.  Randy proposed that we should move to Canadian Recreation Horse & Rider Associatio CRHRA because they give more to riders.  And if every one could look into this new insurance for the next meeting.
Marg Drexler thanked Carol Blake for everything she had done for the 45 anniversary ride.  THANK YOU
The next meeting will be held on October 22 2016 at the Walton Community Center.  Pot Luck supper at 6:00 pm  with the annual meeting to follow .
Meeting closed by Laurie Milsener second by John Uyl.