July Rides

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JULY 30-AUGUST 6  WIARTON’S  7 DAY RIDE – NOW the 5 day ride is going to be 7 days of riding! Sunday July 30 arrival NOT earlier. Ride Monday July 31-Sunday Aug 6 & Camp Kitchen opens Tuesday. Hay for horses available Sunday. Register early so you won’t be disappointed. Click FORMS to get registered. Click Events

JULY 21-23   HELMUT’S RIDE -Newmarket – Arrive on Friday evening Helmut has limited parking  so PLEASE RSVP, beautiful trails right from his backyard.  He also will have outdoor washroom and water available.  Most of the trails are hard packed sand and will be well marked through forest, potluck supper on Saturday night.  Helmut Hitscherich  905-473-9329.  Click Events

JULY 15-16   WORK WEEKEND 3    -Wiarton Click Events

JULY 1-2    WORK WEEKEND  2 -Wiarton Click Events Authored by Pat MacRae & Leslie Ball

Hi, I have been asked to share our experiences on the 2nd Work Weekend in Wiarton with you.  I’m not very good at this, so bear with me….

Thursday started out with rain in the morning. Liz R. was there by the time I arrived at the Spring Camp. I thought to myself when I saw her, “hum, she must have decided to park on a different angle.” But when I got out and spoke with her, I saw that she was really, really stuck in the mud. The ground was saturated in spots. Luckily, her son Ryan arrived to save the day. He had her unstuck in minutes. The sun came out and we spent some of the afternoon filling in the ruts and pulling trees from the bush to block access to this particular watering hole. Ken and Virginia S. arrived just as we were heading out for a ride. They decided not to join us, but to set up their campsite. Liz and I had a beautiful ride across the road, in the woods behind the Summer Camp, and we didn’t get even get lost, WOW! We ate supper around 10 that night. A little later than Liz is used to. During the night, there was some thunder and lightning with heavy rain.

We woke up to overcast skies but no rain, yeah! We heard later that it poured south of us and towards Owen Sound. We were lucky! We sat in camp chatting in the morning and rode in the afternoon when the sun was out. Ken and Virginia rode over on the north side of the Waugh Road and checked how deep the beaver dam was, while Liz and I cleared the left side of the Butterfly Loop and further up the trail. We ate supper on time and got to bed a little earlier than the night before.

On Monday, it was a beautiful day. Liz, John P. and I cleared trails on the Two Canoe Ride. We met one of the landowners and she thanked us very much, for the Zehrs Gift Card. (that happened twice this weekend). I’m sorry to say that the Apiary (bee hives, for short), that was in a field we ride through, has been ripped apart and destroyed by bears. It was a sad sight to see. We got back to camp around 3:30 and left reluctantly for home shortly afterwards.

Leslie Ball is going to fill you in on Saturday and Sunday, but before you read her article, I just want to say that we did see a Scarlet Tanager and a Bobolink on our travels. I would like to thank Joel D. and John P. for opening and closing all those gates for us. Your hard work is really appreciated. As for the rest, my motto has always been “WHAT HAPPENS IN WIARTON, STAYS IN WIARTON”.

Happy trails…. Pat MacRae

Authored by Leslie Ball     Arrived at the cleanup camp Friday after noon after a lovely 4 hr drive in beautiful weather.  Unfortunately it didn’t last.  Here is the view from my bunk Saturday lunch time when I went for a snooze.

Our small group of 10 riders did get out about 2 p.m.  A small herd of frisky steers are now familiar with horses, so no worries now about them on the 5 Day.  No pictures as I was a little busy not freaking out.  It was nice we had 2 new(er) members with us for the cattle to make a lasting impression on. I experienced that my first year up there and will never forget it.

Saturday nights fire was splendid; you know it was a great night when your belly aches from laughing more than your backside from riding.  There may have been a couple full recycle bins.

Sunday is always bittersweet.  Beautiful weather, my favorite ride on the Hope Bay route, but also I have to go home.  That’s why I’m so happy that the 5 Day is now the 7 Day…. I just want it to last a little longer. ❤   Leslie




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