June Rides

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JUNE 17-18   WORK WEEKEND 1 – Wiarton – First weekend for 7 Day Ride clean up.  Bring along nippers and saws.  Be prepared to do some walking to clean rocks and fallen trees from trails.  Bring hay and water for your horse as well as food and supplies for yourself.  Outdoor washroom provided.  Parking and overnight camping is across from the 7 Day Ride site.  Day starts between 9:30 – 10:00 a.m.  Please remember this is a Work weekend.  Jeff Dibble 519-463-6374 or any trail committee member. Click Events Authored by Sheri Potter Rumball

This weekend, although the forecast called for rain, rain and more rain, was awesome! The Chesley Saddle Club members gathered on Friday to do trail maintenance in preparation for the 7 day Wiarton ride.

We headed out on the trail after dinner on Friday, through a cow pasture, first for me on my spouse’s horse. Thank you Joan Mulholland for riding between myself and the cows! Don Ruttan and a couple others rode between the riders and cows to ensure the cows were kept at a safe distance. The trail was lovely, it wound through open pasture, hardwood and dense cedar. I love riding the single tracks through cedar groves. The sights, sounds and smells were absolutely perfect! The trail meandered around impressive crevices, looped around Bob’s pond and butterflied through true South Bruce Peninsula landscape. The ride offered me an opportunity to get to know new friends, and catch up with old friends.
Folks gathered at various trailers to share stories and beverages. Coyotes sarenaded us after the last of the suns rays reflected off the steal roof of the barn. And the rain held off!

Saturday morning I was woken up by the sweet melody of the Bobolinks and trill of the red winged black birds, as they prepared for their day.
We headed to the river to offer horses the opportunity to drink before the days ride. The river was running fast and clear over a rock riverbed.

Through forests and fields we traveled, sniping new growth from low branches and moving fallen trees from the trail. We split into two groups to cover more ground. Bob Butler guided us along the Hope Bay trail, again through pasture and forest.

A big shout out to Emily and her horse. Her horse remained calm when his hind right got caught in a shallow crevice causing him to fall. He processed the situation, released to pressure and got his foot out of the crevice on on his own without injury! What a awesome horse! In light of this event a small group returned to camp with Emily.

The CSC has developed relationships with local land owners for more than 20+ years, keeping this week-long ride tradition alive and strong. As we approached the trail head at the municipal park entrance we were faced with a “no horses sign” which was very disappointing for the club. Our group turned back, respecting the new sign. Bob’s pack horse, Mack, developed laboured breathing during the ride so we stopped to allow Mack to catch his breath while we ate our lunches. The weather was on our side, light rain for a few minutes here and there, which was good because Joel (aka Bam Bam) forgot his rain gear.

Back at camp we tended to our horses, checked with Bob & Emily to ensure their horses were recovering, walked Penny, and then prepared dinner.

There were severe weather watches for the surrounding area, but once again we were blessed. The rain started about 2 am and stuck around until 4 am.

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JUNE 23-25   HELMUT’S RIDE -Newmarket – Arrive on Friday evening Helmut has limited parking  so PLEASE RSVP, beautiful trails right from his backyard.  He also will have outdoor washroom and water available.  Most of the trails are hard packed sand and will be well marked through forest, potluck supper on Saturday night.  Helmut Hitscherich  905-473-9329.  Click Events

JUNE 24-JULY 7  ALBERTA RIDE – Start riding in the eastern slopes of the Rocky Mountains on June 24. This will be at the Ya Ha Tinda Provincial Horse Campground and will be 5 or 6 days riding. Then move camp south to the foothills of Willow Creek.  Indian Graves Campground. Ride  will be done on July 7. If anyone is interested pm Jeff Dibble on CSC Facebook or call 519-463-6374. Click Events

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