June Rides

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IMG_0004June 17-19 1st Wiarton Work Weekend Authored by Marg  Drexler & Frances Vegh- It all started at trail #12 our first obstacle. The dreaded red chain and a no trespassing symbol.  Who knew Clare and his horse were color blind we went around the gate. After that things were going peachy…until the sand box. Joel and his horse decided it was a nice day to roll around in the sand. It really didn’t take us too long to catch the horse.  Marg & Fran singing in chorus, “Back in the saddle again.”

Oh, Oh, a water hole. Suddenly we heard the melodic yells of splish splash Clare was trying to take a bath. That spot is now renamed Clare’s old swimin hole. Marg & Fran in chorus, “Back in the saddle again.”

We were moseying along and found some interesting old side trails that need a lot of work…..note to Joel leave the skinny trails to skinny horses. It really didn’t take that long to catch his horse; again. Marg & Fran in chorus, “Back in the saddle again.”

Marg and Clare swear we were never lost, just misplaced the trail. Finally we found old ribbons, added new ones and lo and behold, we have a trail. Marg & Fran in chorus, “Back in the saddle again.”

We headed out to the main county road and finally Carol could see exactly where the trail comes in off the road. Saw that Chad (land owner) was home so Carol thought she would let him know that her group of anniversary riders were coming thru. Lucky her she got off and knocked on the door, she quickly retreated to her horse but was humming wait for it, “Gonna find my baby, gonna hold him tight, gonna get me some afternoon delight” and looking a little flushed. Door opens a crack and Chad’s head comes out, he was quick to give his permission for us to carry on. Marg & Fran in chorus, “Back in the saddle again.”

We returned back to camp along a well marked trail with no further events to report!! Marg & Fran

Happy Birthday Ron & Joan! IMG_2992 IMG_2998

IMG-20160618-00026Sydney Bay on the Peninsula: This is just one of the great lookouts we have on the CSC Rides. Thanks to our 45th Anniversary Sponsors- Bluewater Feed Ltd, Herbs For Horses, Ionson’s Saddlery and The Horse Habit. If you visit any of the establishments make sure you say thanks on behalf of the CSC.



June 10-12 Helmut’s Ride in Vivian Forest Authored by John & June Cicero- Another successful CSC ride!  After some unscheduled trailer-backing training, we IMG-20160612-00012arrived at Helmut’s beautifully treed property. We spent an enjoyable evening by the fire, rekindling old friendships and meeting new people. Our quiet, sleep-filled night was disrupted by lightening, thunder and rain, but we woke to mostly blue skies and warm temperatures.

 IMG-20160611-00010After breakfast, we set off through the bright green forest to meet some local day riders at the North Tract parking lot where we split into 2 groups. Lana and I chose to ride with Crystal, a local with extensive knowledge and experience in the Vivian Forest. The other 11 rode along with Helmut. Crystal has and was willing to share her considerable knowledge of forest history, tradition (she actually decorates a tree in the forest every Christmas), as well as past, current and future trail and forest plans. Crystal guided us on a wonderfully relaxing 2½ hour ride through beautiful, dynamic forested trails, taking the time to tell us all she knew about what we were experiencing and seeing. We crossed paths with several riders enjoying the day and the trails. We rejoined our main group for lunch, parted ways with the local riders, and then continued on the fabulous forest trails, stopping at a pond before finally heading home.


160615_220219_COLLAGE-1Saturday evening’s potluck was well supplied, attended and enjoyed. And after a pleasantly exhausting day of riding, the majority of the 10 riders retired by 9pm. 

IMG-20160611-00003Sunday morning brought winds and cooler temperatures-excellent riding weather after the humidity of the previous day. We were once again joined by local riders and set out on new trails that were again beautiful and varied. Today we were met by more hikers and dog walkers, everyone happily enjoying the day and the trails. IMG-20160611-00002 And after a request for a new leader, Lucy and I took the lead. Thankfully we were skillfully guided through the trails by Helmut, just a few mounts behind-don’t quite know how he remembers the trails so well, especially from 10-20 feet back. Camp began to break up in early afternoon and we departed, leaving some behind to relax before setting out. Many thanks to Helmut for another great weekend of riding! J&J

Saugeen Bluffs Conservation Horse Camp June 4th Grand OpeningekhoThis spring our club was contacted and  we offered a monetary donation and also our expertise to help them with their trail system. We started working on the trails in April, very chilly time to be camping! We worked for two weekends and have gone back a number of times to continue the work. It’s been amazing watching the trail system come together and talking to the people who have come to enjoy a horse park.


To see photo’s and news commentaries you can go to saugeenshoreshub.ca and The Sun Times newspaper. The grand opening was June 4th with approximately 11 kms of trails open. The club will continue opening more trails and of course enjoy beautiful riding and 13312782_1177662458932504_1714710585775490842_ncomradery with fellow members. See you on the trails.

Liz Rowe

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