May Rides

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MAY 19-22     DUFFERIN FOREST/ MANSFIELD TRACK – Authored by John Pyatt  Click Events    The first official ride for CSC was held this past weekend at Dufferin Forest near Mansfield. While the three day weekend didn’t have perfect weather, two out of three ain’t bad.

Saturday the weather was sunny and the temperature was perfect for a ride. About twenty three riders participated with Pat MacRae and Don Ruttan leading us around the Blue trail. The hills and open forest make Dufferin a great place to ride.

Sunday turned out to be a wet cold day but hey, we don’t get turned off by that. We congregated at various times at various trailers chatting and enjoying each other’s company. When things got a little too damp and when the cold started to infiltrate our bones Liz Rowe offered the back of her three horse for the location of party central complete with a kerosene heater. Great idea! Did you know you can comfortably house nine people seated on hay bales in that small a space and have great conversation and fun?

Monday was cool but the rain had stopped. Our numbers had depleted a wee bit but twelve riders headed out again led by Pat and Don. This time we traversed the Red trail. This is a very interesting and variable trail. Wide and narrow trails, hills, deciduous and coniferous forests, this trail has it all.

Our first ride is under our belt. Can’t wait to get to the next one.

Authored by June & Johnnie Cicero – Most campers arrived on Friday with the sun finally showing up in the afternoon. There was a short afternoon ride for those folks that arrived in the morning. The evening fire was toasty…lots of good conversation and a diverse selection of liquid refreshments-thanks Liz!

Saturday morning brought a good complement of day riders, everyone eager to get started. Bella provided us with a spectacular demonstration of the faster gaits of the Canadian horse. Thankfully there were no injuries, and the ride got off after repairing a broken rein. Many of the horses were quite fresh and happily jogged along. Both riders & mounts soon settled in to a steady pace. The trees were coming into full foliage and the trilliums in bloom-what a lovely time of year to be on horseback!

Don had some trail clearing and remounting to contend with-not easy on sandy inclines. But the job got done and the afternoon was as pleasant as the morning. There was some delay…something to do with ticks, Jeff & Margie, but we were too distant to get the clear details…probably for the best.

The Saturday evening fire was much more mellow and quiet than the previous evening. Most riders retired early. We were not anticipating the rain tomorrow, but at least it didn’t seem as bad as earlier forecast. And Monday seems a sure go.

We woke to rain on Sunday morning and so headed home. Hoping that everyone that stayed rode safe and dry! Another successful and fun ride with Chesley Saddle Club-thanks to Don & Pat!

May 5-7  Helmut’s Ride -Mansfield/Dufferin  Authored by cb

The day started with all the signs to NOT go to Dufferin this weekend. Sign #1 Continual rain warnings on the radio for rain all weekend, everywhere.  I called Helmut to make sure the ride was a go and he was leaving at 10am to open gates for noon. We said to each other “Have a safe trip and see ya later this afternoon.”

Sign #2 Just finished packing trailer and somehow locked myself out of the trailer with all the keys inside. So now need to call locksmith to get trailer opened up. Several hours later back on track and driving to Mansfield/Dufferin.

Sign #3  Poured rain for the 3hr drive to Mansfield with wipers on the old Freightliner hardly keeping up.

Sign #4 Arrive to a very soggy campground and find Helmut’s rig pointing outward with his intention to leave and go home.

Decided to stay and found a great spot to park rig without sinking; had lots of wood chips from the log landing loggers had created. Highline up, Dancer fed and in her fancy rain sheet we are now settled for the night. So ready for a beer!!!

I love the sound of rain hitting the roof from inside my trailer; I knew Dancer was warm & dry with lots of feed so she would be fine for the night. The rain did not stop till 6am. By 8:45 we were on trail…oh yeah did I mention we (Dancer & I) were the only campers in camp. So we did not need to attend to anyone’s agenda but our own.  Did a walk, trot, canter on the Blue Trail Loop (12miles) all barefoot on beautiful soft, sandy terrain in the morning. Returning to trailer for lunch/water. The afternoon was the Red Trail Loop (13miles) which takes you along the south east ridge with some steep hill climbing/descending and spectacular views; today was overcast none the less still beautiful. Puddles everywhere for drinks along route; Dufferin is known to be a dry ride.

Grateful to have had the weather gods keeping the rain off us for this unpredictable spring ride weekend. So glad I endured all the signs not to go. Absolutely love the opportunity to ride Dufferin/Simcoe Forest; thanks Helmut for organizing the Ride.

“Till We Ride Again” cb



May 12-14 London, ON






MAY 20-22   HELMUT’S RIDE -Newmarket- Arrive on Friday evening Helmut has limited parking  so PLEASE RSVP, beautiful trails right from his backyard.  He also will have outdoor washroom and water available.  Most of the trails are hard packed sand and will be well marked through forest, potluck supper on Saturday night.  Helmut Hitscherich  905-473-9329 Click Events



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