Cook Trailer Renovations

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DSCF3245 DSCF3246 DSCF3244 DSCF3243 DSCF3242 DSCF3241 DSCF3240 DSCF3239 DSCF3238 DSCF3235 DSCF3234 New roof vent Sealing up a hole in the wall And a new floor Replacing rotted floor and wall section Part of the rotten floor and insulation lunch break lunch break Ewwww.....ANTS!!! replacing part of the wall This is only part of the the removed materials The wall that needed to be replaced Lots of help for the demolition of the interior Pulling out the old plumbing There goes the kitchen Pulling out the cupboards DSCF3217 Looking in thru the back door - the bedroom area The bathroom sink The bunk beds Tub and toilet The fridge - it stayed in place The kitchen before destruction occurred (Cody :) From front of trailer looking back thru to the bedroom at back

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