October Rides

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October 15-16 John’s Lucknow Fall Ride–  Authored by June & Johnnie Cicero- This ride included everything that you would want in a trail ride: beautiful fall colours & autumn sunshine; dynamic, interesting and sometimes unknown trails; entertainment courtesy of The Strawberry Roan and The Little Black Speed Demon; a camera crew of 1 to catch us at our finest moment; and then a feast of chili, breads, salads & many desserts to end a glorious day! Thanks so much to John & Pat for hosting this successful event!  J&J

The painting that was won in the draw at the Aug. annual meeting is the featured picture for October Rides. The winner chose what they wanted done by either Margaret or Wayne.  The winners were June and John Cicero and they chose a watercolour painting done by Margaret Yeoman.  It is called High Range.  Congratulations to June and John!

Authored by Carol Blake-John gave us a full day of spectacular vistas that captured all the fall colours. One img-20161015-00177of my favourites is this country road. This weekend was a surprise that it was so warm every day. Starting Friday afternoon an easy 20+ degrees as we all gathered on Pat & John’s deck after horses settled and camps set up. Gathering again for the beautiful fire after dinner to tell more stories….it is amazing how we have so much to share in 3 days!!!  Sat. started out cooler but sunny with John leading us out by 9 because he had so much to show us to make up for all his rained out rides. Returning around 4:30; ready for a cocktail which was then followed by a scrumptious chili dinner served in the barn, on picnic tables adorned with vases of fall flowers.  A good exhaustion by all; most retired back to trailers for an early night.  Sunday awoke to warm overcast and the decision to head home was made by most after coffee. Thanks John for all your trail work; loved my rides every time. Cheers Pat for all your energy and for just being you!!   “Till We Ride Again”

14741814_10153817221941671_1447585646_nAuthored by Pat MacRae- For me, the highlight of this weekends’ CSC ride, along with everything else that was wonderful, was the fact that our hosts Pat and John Pyatt provided me with electricity. I sleep in the dressing room of my trailer, which has been converted into a tiny living area with a bed. Friday night was very cold and would have been an extremely uncomfortable night for sleeping, but because of the hydro it wasn’t. With the aid of my electric heater, I felt that I had been put up in a five star hotel. I had a great nights sleep, ready to hit the trails Saturday morning at 9 am. Thanks Pat and John, I mean it!    Happy trails….       pm

img_20161015_1210558 img_20161014_2016058

Authored by Liz Rowe- Perfect ending to an amazing season of riding with good friends. The long and winding trail that led us to more beauty. A wonderful ride with all our friends (accomplices in devilry)  involving stories from every walk of life. It couldn’t have been a better day with Mother Nature in full agreement this time favouring us with sunshine and glorious temps. Once again a beautiful bonfire and new cocktails to sample! John and Pat again hosted a beautiful weekend, you are both exceptional people. For everyone riding is freedom and hopefully soon we will be back at our favourite pastime. Liz

Authored by Jan Moulton- What a fantastic ride with the Chesley Saddle Club this weekend . John and Pat were exceptionally fantastic hosts. Riding a full day, 8 hr. Ride thru beautiful fall coloured bush with 18 other riders…can’t think of a better way to spend a weekend. Topped it off with a fantastic dinner..love to see all the CSC members pull together for a delicious meal….And a huge “Kudos” to the yummy chili that John Pyatt made. Just finished off a great trail ride. I feel so lucky to have been a part of this Club and to ride with such great riders and true friends…our year has come to an end…but…lots to look forward to next year!……Jan 

14628142_10153817221841671_1439136167_n  14741763_10153817221951671_1942353027_nOrchard Camp

Authored by Jeff Dibble- Well here goes my parigraf, please edit it fer me Carol. 14650077_10210341742076924_8283447360330793946_nI’m a poor speller at best and if it ain’t appropriate let me know.
I would like to let everone know that missed John Pyatt’s ride you missed a GOOD one. We started with a great camp fire, Johns hard wood of coarse. Had some good entertainment with stories,lies and I think a dance of some sort!😳 The early departure on Saturday was one HR early, yes CSC left camp at 9:00! Randy Wright’s dream come true! John says we did just shy of 20 miles, my ass didn’t think it to be more than 50!What a perfict ride weather was nice trails just rite some hills, some wide manicured, some not(my style) and very little road! We did have a close call when Don R had to take off a sweat shirt cause of heat. This got some of the “girls at the back” a little worked up! i was more worried he’d blow some buttons and spook the horses! Saturday nites supper was real good too John and his lovely wife Pat had chilly fer us. Some members brought a salid,pies and a carrot cake to. Oh I’m thinkin the sand cougars had fresh buns! Also a big thank you to the land owners, with out them we’re riding in a circle on sand!

Thanks John and Pat fer all your hard work. It takes lots of work and determination to pull off a ride like that!

14492468_10157461522315654_1205918417301887177_nI know the last one don’t pertain to the subject but just a proud dad I gess!

Two of Jeff’s loves Virginia and the Widow Maker….


We had the pleasure to enjoy the hospitably of Pat & John on the weekend of Oct.14-16.The weather was perfect, sunny and warm. The ride on Saturday was also very enjoyable, riding thru the hills and forests, the area around Lucknow is a trail riders paradise. Sunday was a total washout with rain starting early in the morning. Everybody left for home. Well we had a good weekend nothing to good for a cowboy/girl.

Wilf & Doreen img-20161015-00179




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