Trailer Checks

Inspect Your Horse Trailer…….are your balls the right size???

As you get closer and closer to trailering your horses out to rides, whether that is with CSC or on your own, you should make sure that your trailer is up to snuff for the coming year. I know I sometimes think, well it was fine in the fall, but that is not good enough. It is not a bad time to get your trailer and truck certified to make sure it can pass a safety. If we don’t get it certified at this point here are the things you should all be doing.

 •Check the trailer floor. Lift the mats and whether it is boards or aluminium make sure it is solid..

Make sure you are hitched up correctly, locked and that the safety chains are on. Make sure you are using the correct size BALL for the trailer you are pulling. The rating of a hitch and each of its components must be equal to or greater than the loaded weight of the trailer it’s pulling.

Choose the Right Hitch

Check the Hitch Rating

How Weight Distribution Works

  • Check the lights. You should do that every time you hook up. 
  • Check the tires for cracks or bulges.
  • Check the air pressure including the spare.
  • Check your brakes and brake controller to make sure they work.Make sure you have a jack and lug wrench to change your tires or barring that you have some roadside assistance package. Get yourself a Trailer Aid! 
  • Finally, carry a first aid kit for you and your horse.

                                            Safe travelling to all CSC members and your horses!