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January News

Canadian Recreational Horse and Rider Association– There was no discussion about insurance at the annual meeting. The new insurance that Randy talked about at the 5 day ride was just another  option instead of OEF or your farm insurance. The CSC is not mandating that anyone has to subscribe to this new insurance.    Regards  Ron Karr President

Where does a riding season go…..What a great 45th Anniversary year!Thanks to all the authors that wrote their version for CSC rides. Scroll down page to read authored rides for 2016.

 2017 Ride information to be confirmed. Feel free to contact any of the trail committee members for questions related to any of the rides. Please be sure to check the website frequently prior to a ride for weather and important updates/cancellations.     

To download a printable trail schedule with full contact information for ride hosts: to be confirmed for 2017.



RIDE FULL MAY 14 – 15   LUCKNOW JOHN’s RIDE Directions. From Lucknow go north on Bruce County 1 for two km and turn right (east) on South Kinloss Ave and go 2 km to 1029 South Kinloss Ave. Friday arrival is fine. Trails are relatively flat with some small hills, possible water crossing and pass through forest and around fields. There is limited parking so please call to verify space. There is water for horses and people and also portable toilet. Call John 519-955-1286. Click Events     Authored by Carol Blake May Rides

MAY 20 – 22   HELMUT’S RIDE – Newmarket – Arrive on the Friday evening.  Helmut has limited parking PLEASE RSVP, beautiful trails right from his backyard.  He also will have outdoor washroom and water available.  Most of the trails are hard packed sand and will be well marked through forest, potluck supper on Saturday night.  Helmut Hitscherich  905-473-9329. click Events  Authored by Marilu Murphy & Brenda Douglas  May Rides

MAY 20 -23     DUFFERIN FOREST / MANSFIELD TRACK – $10.00 user fee per person – the CSC rides as a group.  Lots of room for big trailers/pickets, ride goes rain or shine, dogs must be leashed. Sandy footing, forest trails, steep parts, Friday & evening arrival is fine, Monday’s ride will be short.  From Highway 89, go north on Airport Road.  The camp is on the east side of the road, just north of the Mansfield Outdoor Center at the former Youth Correctional Site.  Emergency # 937513 Airport Road. Don Ruttan  519-335-6948 Click Events  Authored by Jan Moulton  May Rides

MAY 28-29 LUCKNOW JOHN’s RE-RIDE  CANCELLED Spontaneous Ride John would like the CSC members know that his ride has become a Spontaneous Ride due to the changing weather pattern over the weekend. A 9am departure time Sat. & Sun but advised to call before you drive over. John Pyatt 519-955-1286 Authored by John Pyatt May Rides

The Lucknow Ride of May 14 was cancelled due to the inclement weather so we will give it another shot on the May 28 weekend. Refer to the May 14 ride for driving instructions and give John a call if you are interested in reserving a spot for this ride. John Pyatt 519-955-1286

JUNE 11 – 12 HELMUT’S RIDE -Newmarket- Click Events Authored by John & June Cicero June Rides

JUNE 18 – 19 WORK WEEKEND – Wiarton – First Weekend for 5 Day Ride clean up.  Bring along nippers and saws.  Be prepared to do some walking to clean rocks and fallen trees from trails.  Bring hay and water for your horse as well as food and supplies for yourself.  Outdoor washroom provided.  Parking and overnight camping is across from the 5 Day Ride site.  Day starts between 9:30 – 10:00 a.m.  Please remember this is a Work weekend.  Jeff Dibble 519-463-6374 or any trail committee member Click Events Authored by Marg Drexler & Fances Vegh June Rides

JULY 2 – 3   WORK WEEKEND   -Wiarton- Click Events– Authored by Carol Blake July Rides

JULY 16 – 17   WORK WEEKEND    -Wiarton- Click Events – Authored by Carol Blake Papa Clare’s Trail

JULY 22 – 25  CSC 45th ANNIVERSARY RIDE 2016 Click Events – Authored by Carol Blake The 45th Day by Day

JULY 27 – 31  WIARTON’S  5 DAY RIDE – Register early so you won’t be disappointed. Tuesday arrival advised if riding Wednesday.  A registration form is posted on the web site. Click Events5 Day Pictures

AUGUST 12 – 15 DUFFERIN FOREST/MANSFIELD TRACT –$10.00 fee per person – the CSC rides as a group, sandy footing, forest trail, steep parts, Thursday evening arrival is fine, Friday arrival OK as well, Monday’s ride will be short. Lots of room for big trailers/pickets, ride goes rain or shine, dogs must be leashed.  From Highway 89, go north on Airport Road. The camp is on the east Correctional Site. Emergency # 937513 Airport Road  Don Ruttan 519-335-6948 Click Events –August Rides Authored by Mary Lou Ruttan

Aug 26-28 Impromptu Ride at John Pyatt’s farm near Lucknow  Come for all three days or just for one. Arrival Thursday night is ok. Camping spots are limited so please call to verify if you are coming for a day or two or three. Music in The Fields is going on in Lucknow this weekend so traffic will probably be heavy near the farm. It won’t interfere with the ride but be prepared. Call John 519-955-1286 Authored by Liz Rowe  August Rides

SEPTEMBER 3 – 4 – Bob’s Ride Ayton –  Friday arrival, easy trails packed dirt no shoes required, pot luck supper and camp fire Saturday night.  Bob Butler  519-665-7870 Click Events Authored by (Tornado Chaser) Johnnie Cicero September Rides

SEPTEMBER 10 -11  RALPH’S RIDE –  Blyth- Huron County Forest #39369 Westfield Road (North Huron). Friday arrival OK. Lots of room for large trailers. Trails are hilly, gravelly with stones, cattle pastures and some water crossings. Ride goes rain or shine. Dogs must be leashed at all times. Potluck supper on Saturday night. Ralph Campbell 519-523-9614  c 519-357-5328 Events Authored by Jeff Pollard September Rides

SEPTEMBER 17 – 18  HERMAN’S RIDE   -Lucknow- Directions. From Lucknow go north on Bruce County 1. After six km turn right (east) on Kairshea Ave for 3.5 km. The entrance to our camping spot is on the left and will be marked with a sign saying CSC. The trails are varied from flat to short steep hills and are predominantly through the bush. There are water crossings. There is no water for horses or people so bring your own. While this ride is close to the Lucknow Ride the trails are in a different area. Friday arrival is ok. Call John at 519-955-1286. Click Events Authored by cb September Rides

OCTOBER 8 – 9  HELMUT’S RIDE – Newmarket – Click Events

OCTOBER 15 – 16  John’s LUCKNOW FALL RIDE – This Saturday ride is a 20-25 mile ride. It will start earlier than a normal CSC ride because of the length so expect to be mounted up by 9 a.m. Because we will be arriving back at camp later than normal we will have a batch of Chili waiting for your supper along with some pies for dessert and coffee or tea. The Sunday ride will be a short 5 or 6 mile ride. The address is 1029 South Kinloss Ave. From Lucknow go 2 km north on Bruce County 1 to South Kinloss Ave and turn right. Drive 2km to 1029 South Kinloss Ave. Please call John to confirm your spot.  519-955-1286 Events Authored by CSC members October Rides 

 Trail Committee Members

Chair: Jeff Dibble 519-463-6374 cdibble@odyssey.on.ca

Randy Wright 519-372-0810 rwright@bmts.com

Clare Denstedt 519-698-2222

Pat MacRae 519-934-1315 irishtrailrider@yahoo.ca

Ken Steckle 519-565-5083 ksteckle@tcc.on.ca

Bob Butler 519-665-7870 rtbutler@wightman.ca

Don Ruttan 519-335-6948 ruttan@wightman.ca

Wayne Yeoman 519-363-0910 mwfoxcrest@gmail.com

Ron Karr 519-786-6304 karr@xcelco.on.ca

John Uyl 519-523-9895 john.ruth@tcc.on.ca

Emily Uyl 519-523-9895 john.ruth@tcc.on.ca

Cody Dibble 519-608-3578 cumminsrumbler@hotmail.com

Liz Rowe  519-534-5800 tamoshanter@sympatico.ca

John Pyatt 519-955-1286 cpnhook@gmail.com




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