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Chesley Saddle Club Executive

President Ron Karr 519-786-6304
Vice President Cathy Dibble
Secretary Joan Karr  519-786-6304
Treasurer John Pyatt 519-955-1286

Trail Committee John Pyatt

Leslie Ball
Randy Wright 519-372-0810
Liz Rowe
Pat McRae
Bob “Cowboy Bob” Butler
Clare  & Joel Denstedt
Don Ruttan
Ken Steckle
Mike Drexler
Wayne Yeoman
Ron Karr
John Uyl
Emily Uyl

Food Committee
Marg Drexler
Rose Workman
Karen Zwakenberg
Judy Emmrich

Sponsorship Committee

Ruth Uyl
Joan Karr
Cathy Dibble

5 thoughts on “Contact Us”

  1. Hi, I would like to know how to become a member of your club.
    I just moved to Ayton this summer, and have a couple of QHs and love to trail ride. I enjoy working with obstacles, and have attended a couple of the xtreme cowboy clinics, but am by no means xtreme! I’m also keen to learn horse/cattle work, if anyone does that too.
    My job is odd hours and takes me all over, but horse riding is my passion, so I’m hoping I can make it work.
    Thanks so much,
    Sue Eyre

    1. Sue, there is an application on this site. Just print it off and mail it to me, John Pyatt, along with a cheque. If you have more questions just give me a call at 519-955-1286.

      1. Hi John. I’d like to become a member, too, but I’ve looked all over the site and can’t find the membership form. Would it be possible for you to email it to me? Thanks!

    2. Susan,
      Did you manage to get all your questions answered by John? You are very close to Holstein and they are having their Christmas parade Dec. 9th. It is all horses no motors. Look forward to riding with you in 2018. cb

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