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Chesley Saddle Club Executive

President Ron Karr 519-786-6304
Vice President Randy Wright 519-372-0810
Secretary Joan Karr  519-786-6304
Treasurer John Pyatt 519-955-1286

Trail Committee
Jeff Dibble 519-463-6374
Randy Wright 519-372-0810
Liz Rowe
Pat McRae
Bob “Cowboy Bob” Butler
Clare Denstedt
Don Ruttan
Ken Steckle
Mike Drexler
Wayne Yeoman
Ron Karr
John Uyl
Emily Uyl

Food Committee
Marg Drexler
Rose Workman
Karen Zwakenberg
Judy Emmrich

Promotions Committee
Karen Zwakenberg
Ruth Uyl
Marg Drexler
Sue Smith
Cathy Dibble
Jeff Dibble
Emily Uyl


3 thoughts on “Contact Us”

  1. I have downloaded the forms to join and would like to take in some of the fall rides. Is there someone I can talk to by phone just to get a few questions answered?

  2. Hello
    I am suppose to lease a mustang x paint this summer and she has had 35 days training but I think it was only under saddle and being ridden in an arena. Because she is part mustang I am looking for someone with experience dealing with that breed. She is very spooky. So what I need to ask is a mustang any different to train than a normal horse or can we proceed normally.

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