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Chesley Saddle Club Executive

President Ron Karr 519-786-6304
Vice President Cathy Dibble
Secretary Joan Karr  519-786-6304
Treasurer John Pyatt 519-955-1286

Trail Committee 

Trail Committee Members

Ken Steckle 519-565-5083

Clare Denstedt 519-698-2222

Joel Denstedt 519-698-2417

Pat MacRae  519-386-6522

Bob Butler 519-665-7870

Don Ruttan 519-335-6948

Ron Karr 519-786-6304

John Uyl 519-523-9892

Emily Uyl 226-222-0034

Liz Rowe 519-477-0052

John Pyatt 519-955-1286

Leslie Ball 519-550-1118

Food Committee
Marg Drexler
Rose Workman
Karen Zwakenberg
Judy Emmrich

Sponsorship Committee

Ruth Uyl
Joan Karr
Cathy Dibble

2 thoughts on “Contact Us”

  1. Our trail riders have been using Toronto Regional Conservation Authority’s Ballycroy property for trail riding for many years. Recently new fencing has been put up because of a concern with men playing war games in the forest. I contacted the TRCA and we had a meeting regarding this issue. They will be changing the ‘red dot’ policy of the forest to ‘approved activities’ and have indicated they will remove the fence that blocked our access to the forest. However, they say they don’t have the resources to continue to upkeep most of the trails and have only committed to maintaining two main trails. They have blocked the other trails with brush. We would like to see these trails reopened. I have been told that your organization often negotiates with conservation authorities to continue maintaining trails for horses and riders. I would be very happy to speak with someone in your organization about this. I have also encouraged a number of our barn members to apply for membership to your organization. Please get in touch, thank you!

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