Constitution and By-Laws


Constitution Revised & Effective November 2, 2019

Item 1. NAME OF ORGANIZATION: Chesley Saddle Club

Mission Statement: A Social activity to promote better horsemanship in the Club and community.


a) Single: Any individual

b) Family: Up to SIX immediate family members, not including any over the age of 21. (The latter must then join as Single).

c) Honorary Lifetime memberships -Are to be left to the discretion of the executive, to a maximum of 3 per annum.

d) Fees: to be suggested by the executive and voted on at the annual meeting. Due January 1st-expiring December 31. If not paid by March 1st, club mailings will cease. No membership fees will be refunded

e) Membership Privileges: The opportunity to register first for any Club event. Trail rides are free to members, non-members are charged $5/day insurance fee. The annual Wiarton ride is limited to members only

f) Voting: Members of at least 16 years of age, with paid membership for the current year, and honorary lifetime members are eligible to vote on club business. One vote per each family member or single membership.


a) Available Offices for election:


Vice President



b) Term of Office: Two Year, to change December 31st. Nominations and election to be held at the annual meeting, by vote with 2/3 agreement of voting members in attendance. Maximum term of office-Two consecutive terms. After waiting a period of one term, officers may be eligible for re-election.

c) Each voting member may nominate ONLY ONE person for each office.

d) Duties

o President-To chair meetings, to act as club spokesperson, to co-ordinate club activities through committee chairperson(s)

o Past President-To advise the executive when necessary, to stand in as President in the event both President and Vice-President are absent.

o Vice-President-To substitute for the President when required, to arrange Executive meetings as required, to assist the President

o Secretary-To take minutes of each club meeting and send out minutes and any pertinent information following each club meeting, to take care of club correspondence, to maintain a book of minutes to be signed by the secretary and the president, and to send out meeting notices in advance of future meetings. To advise re health and status of any member and to arrange for delivery of any goodwill package or cards. Then to submit receipts to the treasurer for reimbursement.

o Treasurer-To receive all club monies, issue receipts (if required), pay all club authorized expenses, maintain a record of all expenses and income and provide a Treasurers Report and Bank Balance for each meeting. To maintain a list of current members and supply the secretary with a copy. Prepare books for audit or review.

e) If an officer vacancy should occur, the remaining officers will carry on such duties as needed until a replacement may be elected during a general meeting

f) Executive to be comprised of the four officers and the Past President


a) Cheques-must be signed by any two of three of the President, Treasurer or the Secretary

b) If the club dissolves, all assets will be put on hold. The disposal of assets to be decided by the membership at a meeting called for this express purpose. All monies to be given to a charity(s) of the club’s choice.

c) All decisions concerning the spending of club money will be left to the discretion of at least 3 members of the executive up to a maximum of $500. General, repeating expenses such as porta potties for rides, land rent, hay for the Wiarton ride do not need further approval. If any capital purchase is to cost in excess of $500 a general membership vote is to be held.


a) Volunteers are encouraged to assist and join all committees. Committee members may be added at any time as required by committee needs but limited to reasonable numbers to meet committee duties. Committee members must be in good standing (dues paid by March 1 of current year) in order to vote on committee issues.

b) Each committee to elect its own chairperson annually at the first committee meeting of each year, who is responsible for maintaining an active committee and to coordinate duties specific to that committee. There is no maximum term of office for committee chairs. The chairperson is to report to the club and the Executive as spokesperson but has no official capacity beyond scope of coordinator.

c) To ensure continued viability of the club and committees, ability, experience and compatibility should be considered when accepting new committee members. Committees must follow the constitution and bylaws in all matters.

d) Additional ad-hoc committees to be established by nomination at a general meeting as needs determine

e) Committee members have voting privileges for jurisdiction of their own committee duties as described in the bylaws only, and no voting privileges over other committee duties

f) Executive will be invited to all committee meetings with no voting privileges if not a committee member.


a) General meetings to be held as required (minimum 3 per annum).

b) Annual meeting for nomination and election of officers, to approve financial statements and presentation of an annual report

c) There must be at least 20% of the voting members and the President or designate present in order to constitute a quorum at all general meetings at which decisions can be made. Votes must have 51% majority to pass

d) Any business shall be made as a motion from the floor, seconded and then discussed. Amendments to the original motion may be accepted, approved by the original mover and voted on. If no amendments are needed, A vote will be taken on the original motion

e) Voting may be in person or by electronic attendance of any meeting, provided member attends duration of meeting via electronic means using the platform currently approved by the membership

f) Agenda:

• Call to Order

• Declaration of Conflict of Interest

• Record of Attendance

• Minutes of Previous Meeting

• Business Arising from the Minutes

• Treasurer`s Report

• Correspondence

• Committee Reports

• New Business

• Announcements

• Arrange date and place of next meeting

• Adjournment

g) No issue to be voted on twice during one year

h) Meeting announcements to be sent to members no later than 14 days prior to any general meeting

i) Meetings of executive and/or committees, in person or via electronic means, may be initiated as needed with 7 days notice.


(a) Proposed amendments to the constitution and/or bylaws must be sent to all members no later than 30 days prior to the meeting where a vote on the amendment is included in the agenda

(b) Proposed amendments must achieve 2/3 agreement of voting members in attendance to pass, there must be at least 20% of the voting members and the President or designate in attendance to constitute quorum

(c) Voting may be in person or by electronic attendance of meeting provided member attends duration of meeting via electronic means using the platform currently approved by the membership



Revised and Effective November 2, 2019

a) Any horse or rider whose conduct is unacceptable, can and will be asked to leave the event by the Chairperson or delegate of the appropriate committee.

b) Stallions are not allowed at any CSC ride.

c) Executive and committee members may not initiate or vote on any motion that may benefit them personally or as a group, above and beyond that of any other member of the club


Trail Committee

To organize, coordinate dates and recommend fees for rides only. To have trails on the Wiarton ride, each with its own guide. To manage and care for all Club equipment assets, particularly those related to the Wiarton ride. There will be one chairperson and the trail committee will report to the chairperson.

Food Committee

To organize food for the Wiarton ride and to make recommendations on pricing, and to make preparations for the annual potluck only. There will be one chairperson and the food committee will report to the chairperson

Promotion Committee

To determine and organize promotion of the club at other events and advertising opportunities, using budgeted funds as determined at club meetings.

• Committees may delegate responsibilities to members as required.

• Any committee member who cannot perform his or her assigned duties will be responsible for finding a temporary replacement and notify committee chairperson

• Committees must have 60% of voting committee members in attendance to constitute a quorum

• Copy of the Club Constitution & Bylaws to Members: Every new member is to receive a copy of the above with their first membership correspondence. Updated Constitution and Bylaws to be sent to all current members and posted on the Club’s website and updated as revisions occur.

e) Disputes: Any problems that cannot be resolved between individuals or within a committee are to be brought before the Executive for final action if and when this becomes necessary.

f) Where no rules exist, Robert's Rules of Order shall apply

Constitution and Bylaws Revised:

November 2, 2019; May 14, 2016; February 21, 2010; January 29, 2005