Tips & Tricks

  • Highlining is the preferred method of securing your horse for the night, see the photo below. Portable penning is not allowed on most rides, particularly the Wiarton Ride. There are lots of trees/posts etc to tie the other end of your highline to at most rides. At the Wiarton Ride, trees will be marked with ribbons to indicate plenty of places to tie to, while still leaving room for others.
  • The lead rope attached to your horse should be JUST long enough that the horse can barely touch the ground with his nose. This will help prevent it from getting a hoof over the rope and causing trouble.
  • Some find it easier to use haybags, while others feed hay off the ground. Don’t forget, your horse will be working hard and will likely eat and drink more than normal .
  • Keep “come along” between the trailer and highline tight (highlines ALWAYS stretch)
  • Bring saddle bags to pack your lunch, an extra halter and lead to tie your horse up at lunch break so you can stretch your legs!

WIARTON RIDE HINTS – Things you may want to pack:

Rubber boots are a good idea (for you) as the grass gets VERY damp with dew each nite
– bring LOTS to drink 😉

– Mosquitoes are  not usually too bad at camp, but some fly spray for your horse is always a good idea

– bring lawn chairs, an extra one that you can leave at the dining tent can be quite handy

– flashlight for finding your way home at night (and extra batteries)

– camera!

– a manure fork to clean up around your camp site. Wheelbarrows are provided so you can take your manure out to spread around the field

Tips for Weekend Rides for You
– Rubber boots are a good idea as the grass can get VERY damp with dew each night
– bring LOTS to drink
– OFF or other insect repellent
– lawn chairs
– flashlight for finding your way home at night (and extra batteries)
– camera!
– lunch for on the trail, supper, breakfast, snacks and drinks for each day you plan to camp
– extra blankets as it can get cold at night
– basic first aid supplies

For Your Horse:
– a manure fork to clean up around your camp site
– hay/grain/water-water is not provided at most rides
– highline and come-along
-haybags if you prefer to use them
-blankets/rain sheets if you use them
– spare tack as may be needed-extra halters and lead ropes recommended (just in case!)
– saddle, bridle, saddle pad/blanket, two stirrups!
-basic first aid supplies